One Village Counseling understands that 'it takes a village,' and recognizes we can't do this alone. I provide an array of individualized services to provide support, encouragement, and community resources where needed. 

Therapy for New moms & Individuals

I offer individual therapy for moms and parents in the expectant and postpartum stages. Whether your goal is to overcome grief and/or loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, or the myriad of other experiences that can manifest at this time in life, we can work together to help you develop the self-compassion, connection, and reflection needed to increase your sense of well-being and relationships.

I also offer individual therapy for individuals facing post-traumatic stress from unresolved trauma, whether stemming from childhood or recent struggles. Together, through evidence-based treatments such as EMDR and CBT, we will use reflective exploration and pragmatic problem-solving to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the tools needed to make the changes you desire.

Infant & Child-Parent Therapy

One Village Counseling Parent Child Interaction

Child-parent therapy is an interactive, play-based approach in which I meet with you and your young child together. Sometimes, it's hard for parents to make sense of their child's cues and behaviors, resulting in tension and frustration for both the parent and child. Perhaps your child has difficulty surrounding feeding, sleeping, adjusting to daily routines. Or perhaps tantrums, hitting, difficulty listening, or anxiety are affecting family life and your child's ability to participate in group settings or community activities. Child-parent therapy, such as PCIT, can help you discover the meaning behind your child's behaviors along with strategies to respond. This can result in strengthened self-esteem and relationships for you and your child.

Early Childhood Play Therapy

One Village Counseling Play Therapy

Children communicate through the language of play. Young children's rapidly developing minds are processing new information everyday and it can be challenging for them to make sense of it all. As much as we may try to protect our children from the hardships of life, sometimes loss, transitions, disruptions, and exposure to traumatic situations do occur. Children need a neutral, safe space to make sense of their thoughts and feelings and discover their inner resiliency. I provide an array of play therapy tools and materials for children to utilize and help guide them towards making sense of confusing situations. Parents are often asked to participate during this therapy in order to learn ways to promote further healing in the home environment.

New/Expecting Mom & Parent Consultations

New & Expecting Moms: Depression & Anxiety are the most common complications in pregnancy and postpartum. They affect 1 in 7 women. If you are concerned about yourself or a close loved one, and would like to find out more information about risk factors, treatment options and resources, and techniques for managing symptoms, a consultation may be right for you. Consultations are wonderful for those who are either on the fence about committing to long-term therapy, or who need a one-time appointment for more information and to think & talk things through.

Seasoned Parents of Toddlers or Adolescents: Parents sometimes need to have a short-term space to think through specific parenting challenges, whether it be behavioral or emotional difficulties, with a knowledgeable and non-judgmental professional. With parent consultations and educational support, we will develop specific and concrete strategies to use and develop a deeper understanding of the difficulty at hand in order to address your child and family's needs.

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